Glass Block Windows and Your Home

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You are in the market for new replacement home windows, so you have likely looked into the many affordable Houston windows– double-hung, sliders, maybe even the Jalousie windows – but still you haven’t exhausted all of the possible alternatives until you have researched glass blocks. These hollow blocks can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room, but can also act as an alternative to a traditional window. There are several advantages to forgoing standard replacement windows in certain instances and in place of the normal affordable Houston windows, investing in glass blocks.

Advantages Glass blocks can offer a great deal to a room. For bathrooms, kitchens or even the family den, they can offer a lot of light with less of a privacy concern. The blocks are available in a variety of glass textures and provide a natural distortion that will deter even the most stubborn peeping Tom. In addition, glass blocks are very strong, solid, and durable. Breaking one is no easy task. To break through a window crafted of the bricks would be nearly impossible, which is excellent for those wanting the additional natural lighting without the increased risk of theft. Granted, today there are a wide variety of windows made with laminated safety glass, but even that can’t deter a criminal like glass blocks will.

On top of the added safety and privacy, glass blocks are beautiful and supremely energy efficient. They can be installed side by side and atop each other to achieve small or large window-like features or they can be used in more creative patterns throughout a large wall to mimic backlit artwork.

Disadvantages There are downsides to anything in life and glass blocks are no exception. If you are going to invest in these as opposed to more traditional window replacement in The Woodlands, be sure that you understand the investment that you are making. While glass blocks can last as long as the structure they are installed in, they do come at a relatively high price tag. Some might be deterred by the price per brick, yet when the cost to cover a large space with the blocks is compared to a custom window of the same size, the sticker shock will likely fade.

Glass block abstract | Flickr – Photo Sharing! : taken from – tanakawho